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Overview: Members, friends, and visitors are all invited to submit images of the interior, exterior, and/or grounds of the UUCM building for consideration in the photo contest.  Submissions will be judged in three different age groups: birth-8th grade; 9th grade-22 years old, 23 years old+.  We want to be intentionally inclusive of all of our members, as every individual at UUCM - be they 4, 44, or 84 years old - has valuable thoughts and perspective.  Submissions will further be judged in two categories: interior and exterior. Prizes will be awarded, but specifics are TBD at this time.

Details: To submit an image, send a digital copy of the photo to Amy Putkonen.  In the body of the email, specify the age group and category that the submission should be registered for.  I.e.:

  • birth-8th grade, interior
  • birth-8th grade, exterior
  • 9th grade-22 years, interior
  •  9th grade-22 years, exterior
  • 23 years+, interior
  • 23 years+, exterior

Important Notices: All images submitted will become property of UUCM.  Images will likely be posted to the UUCM Facebook page, and possibly used in other communication and/or social channels. If a person is included in the photo, explicit consent to have their image submitted to the contest must be obtained by the photographer. Only digital copies of photos will be accepted to the photo contest.  (Physical copies of photos can be submitted for inclusion in the archives if desired, but these images will not be included in the photo contest.)  A single participant CAN submit multiple entries to the contest. Submissions will be accepted from Sept 1, 2016 through March 31, 2017.  Winners will be chosen and announced following the move to 2030 Wayzata Blvd. 

Questions?  Please contact Amy Putkonen.


Purpose: With a mere 8-9 months remaining in our current church building, the Congregational Life committee invites everyone to participate in a photo contest commemorating this time in our congregation’s life.  While this is intended to be a fun endeavor, the photo contest also has three significant aims:
1) To help individuals reflect on their time at UUCM, past and present;
2) To support individuals process emotions around the upcoming departure of our current church home; 
3) To obtain a collection of images of the 605 Rice Street space for our church archives.