"In a spirit of wonder and with courageous love, we connect, grow, and act."


Social Justice

The four focus areas below are our social justice priorities for action and will frame our work together until such time as the congregation chooses to modify them. The Social Justice Ministry provides opportunities for the congregation to participate in volunteer, educational, stewardship and advocacy activities that are centered in these focus areas. Our four focus areas are

  1. Volunteer and Stewardship Actitvies to Support Those in Need
  2. Full Equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered persons
  3. A Healthy and Healing Environment
  4. Universal Healthcare for All

Every week UUCM donates the entire open offering to a social justice cause, with different organizations each month. Since we began this practice five years ago, UUCM has raised and dispersed over $54,300 to more than 60 different organizations. The recipient of grants from this fund are chosen by the Social Justice Ministry and our Minister.

We serve our members and community in efforts to create an ethical and moral world. We welcome all people of good will to join and contribute.