Adult Choir – Our Choir Director, Mark Brekke, invites anyone who is interested in singing with the choir to try out with him so that you may serve the congregation with your voice.

Special Music – Our Music Director, Paul Winchester, is very versatile, and able to play jazz, classical, rock and roll, and folk music on several different instruments.  He welcomes any visitor, friend, or member, who is interested in playing for a worship service, to meet with him so that he can learn your level of experience and possibly find a place and a way for you to serve the congregation with your music.


Music is a big part of Sunday Worship Service at UUCM, our music director Paul Winchester brings a lively array of genres from folk to rock,  jazz to classical, and occasionally a little rap!  Music is especially celebrated annually each spring with Music Sunday where the worship service is led by our Music  and Choir Directors, the service is alive with loud and vibrant music!

The UUCM Band plays many times throughout the year, and includes drums, bass, acoustic guitar, cello and occasionally - harp!

UUCM has a large and talented choir and is led by  Director Mark Brekke. The choir sings about once a month, and they rehearsal about three times  a month. Once or twice a year, an Invitational Choir is assembled for people who  wish to sing in the choir but not make a permanent commitment.  Recently the UUCM Choir sang at the Guthrie production of “The Events” . They sang with the Metropolitan Men's Choir. Quoting from the Guthrie website, “The Events” “follows a community’s search for compassion, peace and understanding in the wake of unthinkable violence. A response to the 2011 Norway attacks, in which the lives of 77 people were claimed by a car bomb and a mass shooting at a summer camp, this internationally acclaimed production delves into faith, politics and reason. Featuring original music sung by a different choir at each performance, The Events is a daring theatrical event that explores our desire to fathom the unfathomable and asks how far forgiveness will stretch in the face of atrocity.”


"In a spirit of wonder and with courageous love, we connect, grow, and act."