Our Mission is to INSPIRE, EDUCATE  and SERVE as a welcoming congregation on a quest for meaning

and purpose to create a community of conscience in our neighborhood and the world.

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Our Staff

 As our board and staff follow the  “policy governance” approach to our organizational planning, board members are no longer involved in coordinating and ensuring the quality of activities of the churches committees and programs. To fill this role, and to ensure the congregation works in harmony to achieve our congregation’s goals and aspirations as defined by the Board,  the Church Council, is tasked with this operation, and is comprised of five members and Reverend Saleska.  They work together as a council to support excellent communication, activity coordination, and committee task alignment across all the elements of church life. They provide strategic counsel to Board and staff, primarily through the minister, and nurture leadership within their area of ministry and within the council itself. Each Facilitator represents a strategic area of church life and congregational ministry. Through their monthly combined meetings with the staff, the Council  share information with each other, discuss key issues, and formulate action plans.  The Facilitator role is for a term of 2 years (minimum), running in conjunction with the UUCM church calendar year – July through June. There is one additional overlapping month in June preceding the transition in leadership to acclimate the new facilitator to the council.

Congregational Life Ministry Facilitator: Amy Putkonen

Membership Ministry Facilitator: Gary Charles

Finance Ministry Facilitator: Fred Hulting

Worship Arts Ministry Facilitator: Lisa Myers

Adult Education Ministry Facilitator:  Susan Goll

Social Justice Ministry Facilitator:  Naomi Wente

Special Projects Facilitator: Stefanie Bell-Egge

Amy Moser

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Our Minister

Sara Smalley

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Paul Winchester

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Seven members of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Minnetonka make up the Board of Trustees. Two serve as Officers - the President and Vice President - and are elected annually.  The remaining five serve as Trustees for three year terms.  The Board currently meets monthly at the Church. The times and dates of meetings are posted on the UUCM website calendar.  The Board meetings are open to all members and friends.

President:  Michael Elliott
Vice President:  Sharon Charles
Treasurer:  Karen Zais
Directors:   Robert Brooks, Cindy Busch, Kate Flom, Mike Kost, and Aaron Stilley

UUCM is currently using the Policy Governance model, which became effective in the 2011-2012 fiscal year. This form of governance is recognized as a highly effective, results oriented approach to nonprofit board governance. The Policy Governance model takes as its starting point the principle that a governing board is accountable for the organization it governs and that it exists on behalf of a larger group of persons who morally own the organization. The responsibilities of the Board are specified by the church By-Laws.

Mark Brekke

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Judy Regan

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email: revkent@uucmtka.org | Phone: 952-473-5900

Office Hours: Tuesday and Friday: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm;

Wednesdays: 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm; Thursday Study Day and Monday off

Board of Directors


Andrea Heier

Director of Religious Education  |    About