Our Mission is to INSPIRE, EDUCATE  and SERVE as a welcoming congregation on a quest for meaning

and purpose to create a community of conscience in our neighborhood and the world.

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May 7th  | 9:15 AM
Exploring UU History and Beliefs. 

This class is part 1 of a 2-part class on a path to membership at UUCM, allowing participants to share their own spiritual journeys and to interactively explore a broad overview of Unitarian and Universalist history and what it means to be a UU. Current members and friends are very welcome to join in the class also. Facilitated by Melissa Martinson, Membership Ministry. 

Activities will be led by our Minister, Director of RE, Music Director, Adult Education Committee, and members of the congregation.  We are interested in having offerings from other lay leaders and congregation members as well. All members, friends, visitors and prospective members are invited to attend, and many offerings will be suitable for the UUCM youth as well!  For more information please contact Susan Goll. You can download the brochure to read about First Hour, share your ideas for programs to offer, or give us feedback on the programs attended or offered. Childcare is offered during First Hour.


First Hour  provides a lively interactive way for us to come together to build community and further explore our faith and values in a smaller group setting. First Hour begins at 9:15 AM and will go for one hour, and then Worship Service begins at 10:30 AM.