Adult Education Program

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UUCM Winterum Common Read and Discussion on Racism and White Privilege

In the month of January, 2015, the Lifespan Religious Education Ministry will take a multigenerational look at the very timely topic of Racism/White Privilege and is making a first time ever Common Read recommendation for our congregation - we hope that this can become a winterum tradition in the future. The Adult Education Class will be on February 1st at 10:00 am before the 11:00 am service. (Note - there is only one service on this date). The class will be facilitated by Susan Goll.

The recommended book is White Privilege: essential readings on the other side of racism by Paula Rothenberg, a collection of classic core writings that encourage us to explore the ways in which some people or groups benefit, deliberately or inadvertently, from institutionalized racism. Here is a link to information about the 3rd edition of the book at Amazon(the newer 4th edition is also available but at a significantly higher price) . Several of our members have already read and recommended this book, and Adult Education committee member Susan Goll will hold a discussion about Racism and White Privilege on a date to be determined. The book is not required reading to join this discussion but can serve as a valuable resource as she will draw from topics in the book such as how white privilege became a powerful force in our society, and how those of us who are white can challenge ourselves to use our privilege to combat racism and the system of privilege. We will focus on building awareness of how rank and privilege influence our lives and the lives of those around us and will discuss ways to serve as an ally to a person or people of color being discriminated against.

More information about the Winterim topic and this class will follow but we wanted to give time to order your book now or start thinking about this important topic to prepare for our congregational multigenerational focus in January's winterum!

Exploring White Privilege Through Artists' Books

Betty Bright and Adult Education are offering a class on Saturday, January 24th from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm to explore white privilege through Artist's Books.

Do you have other topics/ideas or want to facilitate a class? Please contact the church office.