Adult Education Program

Our adult class offerings feed the soul and refresh the mind. Forums, discussions, and classes on a variety of topics are held throughout the week.

UUCM WinterIm Common Read and Discussion on Racism and White Privilege

This month RE is taking a look at Racism/White Privilege for their winterinterim and UUCM making a first ever Common Read recommendation for our entire congregation to learn more about this very timely and important topic. The recommended book is White Privilege: essential readings on the other side of racism by Paula Rothenberg, a collection of classic core writings that encourage us to explore the ways in which some people or groups benefit, deliberately or inadvertently, from institutionalized racism. We recommend that you order a used copy of the 3rd edition (Amazon has them for about $9.00) to save money since this book is used as a text book and is quite expensive new. Susan Goll from the Adult Education committee will host a discussion on Sunday, February 1st at 10:00am before the 11:00am MULTIGENERATIONAL WORSHIP SERVICE. The high school youth will also take part, while other related classes and activities for K-9th graders are held on the lower level. Reading the book is not required to join this discussion but will serve as a valuable resource as she will draw from topics in the book. We will focus on building awareness of how rank and privilege influence our lives and the lives of those around us and will discuss ways to serve as an ally to a person or people of color being discriminated against. To register email or sign up in the North Room on the LifeSpan RE bulletin board. Classes will be followed at 11:00 am by the Multigenerational Worship Service with speaker Andre Koen of AM Horizons' Center for Social and Economic Justice. Andre is a powerful communicator and effective agent of change. His creative and engaging workshops, trainings and keynote presentations have been changing lives for over 15 years. Laurie Moser highly recommends him as a very captivating and effective speaker who she could listen to all day! Here is the link to purchase the book.

Exploring White Privilege Through Artists' Books

Betty Bright and Adult Education are offering a class on Saturday, January 24th from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm to explore white privilege through Artist's Books. Suggested donation $10, in support of UUCM’s Youth Education.

Artists’ books are more than art or books. Artists’ books combine the two into works that can surprise, delight and involve readers as they open, page through, and explore imagery, language, beautiful materials, and unusual or surprising formats. In fact, book artists describe their works simply as “contained narratives,” a term that provides plenty of leeway to experiment with works that can resemble tiny pamphlets, large books full of colorful imagery, and even works of sculpture. Despite a huge range in size, content and materials, every artist’s book represents an artist’s simple wish: to share a story with a reader. Artists often make books to tell stories about social justice. Since books are nonthreatening objects that we enjoy picking up and paging through, artists can more easily present disturbing or complex political or social topics in a book form. Artists may also employ playful or unusual structures that involve and amuse us as we slowly absorb challenging content.

In this workshop we will hold, page through and explore a range of artists’ books created by artists concerned with white privilege. Come prepared to uncover the stories about white privilege that these unusual works convey, in an informal discussion that will be open to stories from our own lives and the experiences of others.

Betty Bright helped to start Minnesota Center for Book Arts, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

Do you have other topics/ideas or want to facilitate a class? Please contact the church office.